Tonight You Should Have A Baked Potatos


A Baked Potato Recipe

  • Idaho baking potatoes (as many as you have guests)
  • butter (a pat or two)
  • olive oil
  • springs of fresh thyme (one for each potato)
  • smoked bacon (one strip for every 2 potatoes
  • sea salt & cracked black pepper


  1. Lay out 2 sheets of aluminum foil for each potato
  2. Wash the spuds
  3. cut the strip(s) of bacon in half
  4. Rinse the thyme
  5. Carefully cut the potato lengthwise, but DO NOT cut all the way through, then, give your chef's knife a slight twist until you hear a faint 'crack', creating a hinge
  6. CAREFULLY: with a dinner fork, pierce the inside of each side of each potato 4 times horizontally, then 3-4 times vertically. This will give you a more tender inside and will 'permeate' the spud with the butter & thyme
  7. Place the potato on the double foil
  8. Cut thin slices of butter (or 1 long thin slice) and pry the potato open just enough to slip the butter between the halves
  9. Lay a sprig of thyme on the slit and, with the back of your knife, push the sprig between the halves, into the butter
  10. Rub any 'oozing' butter all over the skin, lube it up!
  11. Lay a half strip of bacon over the slit
  12. Drizzle olive oil over the potato
  13. Loosely fold the first sheet of foil over the potato and scrunch up the ends to cover
  14. Loosely fold the second sheet of foil over the first and fold to seal Place on the grill (or in a 350^ oven) for 1 hour


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